I did this as a druid. Work with your Weakened Soul timer. Lastly, be careful about your placement, preferably stand in Cho’war spawn spot, otherwise you risk aggroing the Warmaul Warlock which spawns very close and there is also a Warmaul Brute patrolling sometimes. In order to maximise my damage, I put Deadly poison on my offhand. Improved Health Funnel would probably help a ton too but I don’t have it.

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Chances are he’ll already be following you because of the aggro from « Mend Pet ». Commentaire de Tsuyoshi Just soloed as a 66 BM hunter in lower level blues and quest greens and white core hound with heart of the phoenix yesterday. For the first I used 5CP recuperate as late as possible. Commentaire de canbehazardous You can skip most of the cave assuming you have flying. Commentaire de Arcinde I found it a bit difficult to find the guy, so here’s some directions: Be careful not to fall down the ledge to your right.

Le Wowhead Client est une petite application que nous utilisons pour garder nos données à jour et pour vous fournir de chouettes fonctionnalités sur le site web! Vous pouvez aussi l’utiliser pour garder une trace de vos quêtes terminées, bloodsrrike recettes, vos montures, vos compagnons et vos titres! Ce site requiert JavaScript pour fonctionner. Veuillez activer JavaScript dans blooodstrike navigateur. Commentaire de Boxofbeer Cho’war le Pilleur http: Commentaire de gokuzawa Précision qu’on ne voit pas forcément sur la vidéo.

Il y a des grottes l’une à côté cx l’autre, et c’est celle de droite qui contient la clé. Commentaires Commentaire de lumian Keep going through the northern cave. Commentaire de smanjo You need to get this key: Commentaire de Vlad Gives you a idea how you could solo it, tough I got interrupted.

Commentaire de ViperBond Not fearable sadly.

map cs bloodstrike 1 way

I’m a 66 affliction Lock and I did it with a rouge tanking I know, lol. Reset half way WTF? Second bliodstrike around was easy as he had half health.

Rouge tanked tho and died at the very last second. I got key though, so we were fine. Simply put — doable with 2, easy with 3. Commentaire de Nolas If any one in party allready has the key from Cho’war you can get this completed with out killing him just have them open the cage for you.

Telecharger map bloodstrike 1 way cs 1.6

Commentaire de siggboy This is how you can solo it on a hunter: First, turn on « Aspect of the Viper » and turn off « Growl » and all damaging special bloodsrike on your pet. You want « Viper » because it’s a lenghty fight and no special abilities so you can aggro him easier. Clear the entire area immediately before the attempt. Run up, send in the pet with « Growl » turned off and activate « Mend Pet » right away apart from making sure that your pet won’t die, this will aggro him towards you in case he’s out of sight after you have jumped down.

Put the jap on « Stay » and jump down the ledge. Chances are he’ll already be following you because of the aggro from « Mend Pet ». If not, wait until he does or start shooting blokdstrike away if you have an LoS to him. Be careful not to fall down the ledge to your right.


When he gets close, feign death. He will not reset but run back towards your pet which is conveniently parked at his spawn location. Rinse, repeat until dead. If your pet dies, you lose because he’ll reset to full health as sc as you FD.

The video posted above mal help you getting familiar with the setup, but I think it’s pretty clear anyway when you’re at the location yourself. This is actually a prime example how to exploit pathing to effectively solo difficult mobs with a hunter. Ironically non of the quest rewards are especially appealing to us. Commentaire msp unitepunx This is the NPC http: It was very, very close.

The only way it’d work was if the pet tanked, I the druid started in cat form to help with dps and after that shift to help heal bloodshrike pet, shift back, do damage, shift out to heal.

Worked, but only just. Commentaire de xtrem Did it easy with me 66 rogue and 68 feral druid, no jumping or anything. Commentaire wway thontor died on 1st attempted, after corpse run, his health bloodstgike same as i left him.

Pull the mob in front of Cho’war seperately first. Kited him down the ramp and up again. I think B,oodstrike would have done it but horde came in and AoE’d my ele and I to death. I just used flash heals and frenzied regeneration, no damage from my priest at all.

Commentaire de InfernoMan Didn’t try to solo him as a 67 feral druid learned from experience from leveling my magebut is easily 2 personed as long as you have a dang good healer. Was able to do the whole fight in kitty, build up 5 combo points, rip, rinse and repeat.

Keep Faerie Fire feral and Mangle up at all times, as well as rake for the bleed damage and he goes down pretty quick about a 2 minute fight, maybe less but I didn’t exactly time it Improved LoTP aura and the bloodstrikf from MT first boss idol of the claw helps with the heals a little.

Your own results may vary, so have fun: Commentaire de Bauffman Jumping of the cliff worked nicely for me, he was dead before he reached me: Commentaire de JKane The back door entrance is at 27,11 if you just want to fly there and skip half of the ogres. Commentaire de NobodyYouKnow This is soloable at level I can solo it as a paladin by outlasting him.

All of my gear I use to kill him, as a paladin, is from normal five man instances and group quests. I did this as a cz. For some reason, he did not reset.

I proceeded to kill him. I don’t think I could of soloed it if he had css. Commentaire de Typhon It’s worth mentioning that killing Cho’war and getting the key is not an explicit requirement.

map cs bloodstrike 1 way

You just need someone in your group to open the cage. Not really a shortcut but it happened to me accidentally. Commentaire de Tzarph Just soloed it as a lvl 68 demo lock. Tried a couple of times with felguard, however he is simply too squishy. Then I figured what the hell might as well try with voidwalker, since he is definately tougher. I kept CoW on Cho’war throughout and just kept health funneling voidy to full health all the time, while keeping myself bandaged health funnel sucks health, not mana.


Cho’war sometimes procs an armor debuff on your pet which makes voidy take a lot of damage quite fast and he also procs Mortal Strike, which halves your Health Funnel effect.

Therefore you need to keep voidy close to full all the time. This is very very important. It takes some time about minutes since voidys dps is really bad and you have to watch your threatmeter carefully. If you get aggro from Wa its practically over, since he hits really hard.

Your best bet is to pop Soulshatter, after which you should be golden as long as you dont pop it very early in the fight. I would also advise to lifetap once in a while in order to give mana to your pet, which he can use for his taunting ability. Lastly, be careful about your placement, preferably stand in Cho’war spawn spot, otherwise wa risk aggroing the Warmaul Warlock which spawns very close and there is also a Warmaul Brute patrolling sometimes.

But all in all, definately doable by a lvl 68 demo lock. Prolly not by a normal lvl 68 lock tho. Commentaire de Bloodeaglee Very easy. Commentaire de 7echno7im I love it how you have 50 people telling blopdstrike have to kill the guy but not how to finish the quest. This listing is for the quest, not the NPC.

You kill the NPC in the quest but still have more bllodstrike do. After you get key from killing Cho’war, corki is in middle cave all the way in back, 29, Then return to Arechron. Went down in about a minute and a half!

Commentaire de Skyfury Soloed with lvl 70 feral druid, bear form all the way. Commentaire de orloxgr Where can you find this npc? Commentaire de Sagarn Note for locks: Commentaire de ojkar I did it today with ma shaman and a warrior Commentaire de namroht He cannot blooestrike CC’ed.

Commentaire de johngeselle all of this dosn’t explain what to do and blopdstrike to go. As someone earlier wah, you really have to keep the pet’s health topped off as much as possible. That person’s good idea was to use Curse of Weakness on Cho’war, which I hardly ever use but which is appropriate here so that your healing can keep up with the damage your pet is getting I did not get the Improved talent though. Improved Health Funnel would probably help a ton too but I don’t have it.

I barely survived the fight.

Telecharger gratuit carte cs bloodstrike 1 way

Use Soulshatter if you pull aggro off the pet. Wwy was a long fight Commentaire de darthmoridin Just soloed as maap prot pally, with no exceptional gear. Just kept hammering him, with devotion aura up. Alternated between Judging Light with my Hammer of the Righteous great talent!

Also used Kings instead of Salvation for the added damage, health and mana. Used one bubble, one super mana pot and didn’t have to LoH at all. Don’t waste time trying to stun–he’s immune.

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